Seasonal or Annual Inspections & Maintanence

Seasonal or annual inspections will ensure the proper and safe operating conditions of your heating and cooling units, lowering your costs, and keeping you and your family safe.

Choose either a furnace, fireplace or
air conditioning inspection:


Combine any two
inspectons for only:


Furnace Inspection

A furnace inspection will test for Carbon Monoxide levels and venting. We perform a Gas Pressure Test and complete the necessary adjustments

A furnace inspection also checks the following items for safety, efficiency, and defects:

  • Fan, Motor, Belt
  • Bearing
  • Pilot
  • Burners
  • Humidifier
  • Flame Pattern
  • Condensate Drain (only on High Efficiency)
  • Gas Piping
  • Electrical
  • Safeties and Limits
  • Air Filter
  • Heat Rise
  • Recommend cleaning if necessary

Furnace Cleaning Package

Unfortunately furnaces seem to get neglected until they break! The dirt and dust that can build up on blowers/motors/burners/pilots and heat exchangers can wreak havoc on the operation of the furnace.

Our furnace cleaning takes 1 to 1 ½ hours and consists of:

  • Removing Blower and Motor for cleaning
  • Cleaning the Burners and Pilots (removing if necessary)
  • Cleaning of Heat Exchanger (low to mid efficiency)
  • Recommend Replacement Parts (if necessary)

Gas Fireplace Inspections Package

Fireplace inspections consist of:

  • Carbon Monoxide Check
  • Removal and Cleaning of Glass & Log Set
  • Inspection and Cleaning of Burners, Pilot Assembly & Blower (if so equipped)
  • Inspection of Venting, Gas Piping & Flame Pattern
  • Checking for Proper Operation

Central Air Conditioning Inspection Package

A/C check-ups are an important part of your spring routine. They will prevent damage to your unit on start up.

The A/C inspection consists of:

  • Condensate Pump and Line Check
  • Condenser cleaning (if needed)
  • Electrical Check
  • Filter Check
  • Pressure Test
  • Motor and Bearings Check
  • Filter Check
  • Proper Temperature Check
  • Air Flow Check (through heat exchange & A-Coil where possible)

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