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Worry-Free Water Heater Rentals
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Water Heater

You'll Get:

  • “Worry-Free, Peace of Mind Warranty” – If it’s broken – we’ll fix it, if you need a new one – we’ll replace it…all at no charge!
  • 24/7 service & support from trusted local contractors
  • Free installation, service & repairs
  • Competitive monthly rates
  • Free equipment replacement if it can’t be repaired
  • No fixed term rentals for all water heaters (excluding tankless)
  • Transparent contracts
  • No door to door sales – EVER!

Thinking about going tankless?

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Did you know that after heating costs, hot water accounts for the second largest portion of a home’s energy use? That’s why more Canadians are switching to tankless hot water heaters. These reliable units heat water only when you need it, helping you to save significantly on home energy costs, while giving you an unlimited supply of hot water.

Switch today and enjoy these benefits:

  • More energy efficient
  • Never run out of hot water
  • Require less space - small and compact
  • Reduce your environmental footprint by using less energy

Water Softeners

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Hard water leaves your hair and skin scaly and dry. It also makes your clothes dingy and increases energy and water-heating costs. Water Softeners provide top-of-the line protection against the many problems that hard water poses to a household.

You’ll enjoy:

  • Better tasting drinking water
  • Cleaner hair, clothes and dishes
  • Less clogging and corrosion of plumbing and fixtures
  • Using less soap for dishes and laundry
  • Energy savings from more efficient water-heating

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